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Fun/Random Facts About Me, Cont’d.

Eyilayomi - January 14, 2020 - 23 comments

The first part 10 Fun\Random Facts About Me. I underestimated myself, who would have thought, apparently I have some more fun/ random facts about me. 11- 20

11. I have a very unique name, I haven’t heard/ seen anyone that bears my name yet, My mum deserves an award plixxx😂❤️

My mummy❤️

Most people I meet find it difficult pronouncing my name, so I always have to correct them, I don’t like being called any other name than my first name.

I saw a tweet that said, “To all my uniquely named humans if they say your name wrong, correct these MFS” that’s the energy we are bringing okay?

12. I’d rather read a book than watch a movie but the thing is I don’t like reading 😂😂 but I like reading what I write.

13. I hardly take my words back.

14. I love bright colours, it wasn’t always like that, growing up I was so scared of colours, it was always black for me, cause I felt I was too dark, so I avoided wearing bright colours, it was like that till I was in 100 level, 200 level I started seeing pictures and videos of black women telling us not to be scared of colours, there was even an hashtag #melaninpopping and all, that changed everything for me.

15. I hate notifications, especially when they get too much, I never allow mine to get too much. it just feels somehow having a lot of unreplied messages, so text me dears I reply on time.

16. I feel everybody in my life knows this but I’ll say it regardless, my favourite chocolate is Kitkat, I love love eeeetttt😍

17. This is more of a blessing I guess, I eat without gaining weight 😅 😁 I gain weight like a snail, and lose it like a cheetah, it is a struggle, that is changing soon anyway.

18. I cannot fight, I avoid it, it is a stress that I don’t like, I have never had a physical fight with anyone and I doubt I’ll ever, that’s the last thing I’d want to do, so please dears don’t come for me 😂

19. I love animals especially dogs, the ones that stay little forever have my heart, like the Mi-ki, Maltese😩❤️

20. Well I saved the best for last, I’m amazing! It is not a fun/ random fact but an actual fact 😂

Eyilayo 🍫✨

Thank you for reading

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  1. gbada

    I love the fact that you know you so well. I am always coming for you Lol… You just know how to run away so well. We both love KitKat that is why I am always hiding it from you😂😭😂😭 Well, now you know. I have always been scared that your name will be muddled up on your certificates but thankfully so far so good. You won’t say this but you are truly very selfless and I am mighty proud of you. Self discovery is good. Thanks for sharing you with us.❤❤❤😗😙🍹

    • This is the best comment everrrr
      Haha liesssss it’s just me 😆
      Have you collected your award (Oscar)🏆 yet? Please do, don’t let anyone rub you of what is yours 🤩❤️
      So far so good it has all worked out well 😁
      You’ll make me speechless,
      Thank you so much for always ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Tobi Ogunrinde

    Why can’t I have fun facts like yours🙈😭💔

  3. Lala

    Girrlllll no 13 😂❤️

  4. Anonymous


  5. The fact that you don’t have a namesake is crazy. I’m jealous

  6. Oladepo Olateju

    Why it gotta be KitKat tho?
    There’s like soooooo much chocolate in this world and you already have a favorite
    Feels unfair to other chocolates

  7. Anonymous

    You’re super amazing.

  8. Ayyy, our names are unique together 😁😁

  9. Anonymous

    I love your name

  10. Dabo Green

    Loved this and yes you’re amazing

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