Here’s to 2022🥂

January 1, 2022

There’s always something about the New Year, it always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning.

Happy 2022, I pray for a better year.

On my birthday last year, my friend said to me

“ I hope this new year brings happiness for you” and I replied; “even if the happiness doesn’t come I’ll force it to”

What I meant was I’d make a conscious effort to make myself happy cause life does move fast, you just have to enjoy and make the best of every moment.

if you are like me, when I’m happy there’s really nothing I cannot do.

This new year I hope you live in the moment and enjoy where you are right now.

• I hope you’re surrounded by people that you love and love you too. I hope you’re surrounded by people who bring good vibes and energy, people who will choose you and support you, when you have that please match their energy too.

• I hope you get to learn a new skill and start whatever business you want and you stay consistent.

• I hope you celebrate every win and you know that no win is too little.

• I hope you get to travel to new places, go on adventures…

• I hope you make healthy relationships both platonic and romantic.

• I hope you make more money so you get to take breaks, spoil yourself and just have fun

• I hope you make the best of whatever you do this new year.

Over all I pray this year is softtttt to you.

All of these I pray for and more good stuff, Amen.

I also pray God’s love, His Grace, Favour, Protection, Provision and Endless Blessings.

I pray your year is filled with miracles.


Here’s to a beautiful year ahead,

Here’s to new beginnings,

Here’s to 2022,

And Here’s to everything good.

Happy new year.

Love always, Èyílayọ̀mi. 🤍


  1. Adejoke

    January 1. 2022

    Happy new year My Eyi ❤️

  2. Anonymous

    January 1. 2022

    From your pen to God’s ears 🚀

  3. Nikeh

    January 3. 2022

    Happy New Year, Boo. May this be our best year yet 🎊

  4. Nimi A.🤎

    January 9. 2022

    Came late but still made it here😊…Happy New Year Eyi❤️

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