Here’s to Amazing women.

March 8, 2021

It’s international women’s day!

Here’s to amazing women.

May we be them

May we know them

And may we raise them. #IWD2021

I interviewed the coolest mum ever and here’s her story.


My name is Fiyinfoluwa Ifeoluwa Williams. I am 24 years old. I got pregnant at the age of 20 and gave birth at the age of 21; now I am a single mother to a beautiful, 3-year-old baby girl, Ava. I am a writer, a YouTuber and a student.


Being the daughter of a big, committed pastor, as I stood there holding the pregnancy test with two purple lines, all I could think about was how mad my parents would be; how disappointed they would be. I was just starting to mend my relationship with them and I had messed up once again. 

My life was bout to change drastically and that is a thought I could not avoid. As I sat there I didn’t know what was rushing more; water from the tap I had left on or the tears out of my eyes.

Going further into the pregnancy, my route of thinking changed. I was now wondering if it was going to be a boy or a girl? What would he/she look like?


I cannot even lie and say it has been easy.

What a lot of people need to understand is that people only show you the pretty’ on social media.

Behind all those ‘cute’ pictures or videos, there are days I’m hysterically crying out of frustration.

Motherhood is far from a walk in the park or a bed of roses. It is one of the most difficult journeys I have embarked on in my life.

I have wanted to give up so many times, especially being a single mother, but at the end of the day all the pain, struggle and sacrifices are so worth it because you have your own little person.

When it feels like the world is shut against you, your little person is going to be there for you, genuinely loving you in ways nobody ever has or can.

Seeing my daughter smile whenever she sees me after school or when she wakes up, makes me certain I want to do this thing called motherhood till the wheels of our bus fall of. Hehehe.


It’s crazy how when I was younger I always said I wanted a house full of boys. He gave me a girl, and it’s been beyond exciting.

My daughter is the most energetic being, so there is never a dull moment with her. She’s hilarious as well and literally my evil twin. She does so many things that get me so upset and mad, then I’m like, “Oh, I literally did the same to MY parents.” It’s like I finally found my match. But I love it!

Honestly, it’s just the little things like waking up in the morning, and jumping on the bed together, having pillow fights, having water wars in the bathroom that make this so fun.


So many times in the middle of the night, I just lay on my bed and say to myself, “Oh, I wish I could start my life all over again”. You know, right all my wrongs; perfect all my mistakes. But the truth is that everything happens for a reason.

We have to make these mistakes and go through these difficult times to get to our actual purposes.

There are however a couple of things I would tell my younger self:-

Girl, you are stronger than you can imagine:-

You are going to go through so many things. Yes, you will. There would be so many times you would feel like giving up, even taking your own life, but you will make it through.

The strength you are building will help you later, especially when you become a mom.

Always take care of your mental health:-

You tend to take your mental health for granted.

Only you really know what you pass through. I know people around you seem to shrug off your conversations when you bring up your mental health or how you’re feeling, but you have to take your mental health seriously, if not it is going to affect you later.

Do not compare yourself to others and do not worry about what others think about you:-

Some things you cannot control and one of them is what people think about you. Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, but you should not let peoples opinions of you define you. Do not base your confidence and self-esteem off of what other people say.

Girl, you got this! YOU ARE A STAR!

Fiyin ❤️

Thank you for reading. 🤍


  1. Anonymous

    March 8. 2021

    Great content eyiiii

  2. Assumpta

    March 8. 2021

    Beautiful and happy international women’s day ♥️

    • Eyilayomi

      March 8. 2021

      Happy international women’s day SumSum. ❤️

  3. Oluwabusola

    March 8. 2021

    Happy international women’s day Eyi❤️

    It was such a nice read and it shows how amazing women are ❤️

  4. Nims❤️

    March 8. 2021

    Happy International Women’s Day Eyilayomininuoluwa❤️

  5. Gecko

    April 15. 2021

    I want to say many good things but I will need probably a day to finish typing it.. Eyilayo you are great

    • Gecko

      April 15. 2021


    • Eyilayomi

      April 15. 2021

      Thank you Gecko, for always. ❤️

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