I want it all

August 26, 2019

I will start by saying I’m sorry I haven’t been so consistent, I’m trying my best, just bear with me, I’m still getting used to blogging, I have been busy with school too but now that I am done I’ll definitely get better with time.

Having it all, is it possible to have it all? What exactly is the “all”

Right now I know most people want money. Money is very important in this world. It has destroyed friendship and relationships too.

In the world today you have money and you have almost everything you need. Money literally stops nonsense. Where is money not important? For quality education, even when it comes to relationship money is a factor, but let’s not forget about God in our quest for money but then even in the Church, they always say don’t come to the house of God empty-handed, Yes so you need money too.

For your own comfort plus enjoyment, you need the money and if you are like me that has

“expensive taste” I always say this to myself I love good things, who doesn’t? I’m speaking for myself anyway, so I have to make money. I’m not just a “money-obsessed person”, I won’t go out of my way to scam people just because of money, I will honestly love to make money in the best way possible and I pray God helps me achieve it, you know, get a good job with an amazing pay.

Imagine a life where you have God, you have an amazing family, you have a good job that you love and pays excellently well, basically, you’re rich enough to satisfy your cravings, you have an awesome partner, who wouldn’t want all that? I do 🙋🏾‍♀️

I have actually heard it’s not possible to have it all, I don’t know what the person meant by that or probably there’s something I’m missing or maybe that’s not even what the person meant, who knows

I don’t even think it’s impossible, why would it even be?

Eyilayo ✨🍫


  1. molywhy

    November 8. 2019

    I’ve always been anxious about money, most of the things I worry about are linked to money. But at the same time I don’t want to be too money oriented, after all money is only material.
    The morbid search for money makes many of us abandon more important things like our spirituality. It can be exhausting, but can you really blame people?
    I think it’s possible to have it all though, money, family, love… think positive, strive towards them and positive things will happen ✨✨✨

    • Eyilayomi

      November 8. 2019

      It’s the same with me, a whole lot of the things I’m stressing about can be solved if I have money.
      It’s honestly so tiring.
      Yesss positive thinking and working towards it makes a lot of difference.

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