February 14, 2021

According to Lionel Richie ”at some point in your life you will have to say I love you to someone.”

Song of the day

Ed Sheeran – Thinking out loud.

I love love, I’m such a hopeful romantic, I love love in the healthy, fun and happy way.

Love means different things to different people to me, love to me is in an intense feeling of joy.

It is being there for someone, paying attention to the things they love. Giving, Sharing, Support…

Love can be in various forms, in romantic relationships – “Love is a game that two can play and both can win.” – Eva Gabor

And also in form of friendships “Friendship is it’s own love story.” The GOAT of love.

I interviewed 12 people on love and friendship with two questions;

“How they met, and how it’s going?”

4couples and 4 friends ❤️

Let me know which it is for you.

Grandma and Grandpa Dawodu ❤️

Grandma Dawodu

We met in 1948 On a pleasant evening at a friends house and we exchanged greetings and I went my way.

A couple of days after, we met again and said hello.

After some time he came again with a cousin of mine, from then onwards we became friends, exchanging pleasantries

When he knew he had got a scholarship to go to Britain, he promised to marry me in 1954

We did the engagement and got married he left for Britain, I later joined him In February 1957

We had 4 amazing children after.

Grandpa Dawodu

I saw her in 1948 at my best friend’s party, I was in college at that time. I got to know that she was helping her maternal grandma to sell clothes I traced her to the market, at the junction where I saw her she was carrying some load, and when she sighted me the load she was carrying went down with her and she fell, and so I helped her in getting up.

I followed her home, her uncle saw me and apparently, he had sent her on an errand and she came late because of me and so when he saw she was standing by a boy, he slapped her and after that, I left, I got one of my cousins as an emissary to her ( This was in the pace of 6 years)

Our relationship continued until I passed my London Matriculation Examination, after that, I said it was time to seal our union

We got married in 1954 then I left for Britain we had our son 2 months after that’s why we named him Abidemi because I wasn’t there.

I prayed for a boy and girl, a boy a girl and my prayers were answered, she later joined me in 1957 we had 3 children after that.

Now, 66 years together, we have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren

That’s our story.

Tolu and Esther

Tolu: I saw her ID card on the toilet and I’m like who would leave this here ?? As a kind person that I am I took it and I was like hmmm I don’t know who this is so asked around and she was in Jss2 as well but not my class, when the school closed that day went to her class and handed it over to her she seemed so confused I sha gave it to her like that

Esther: I had even forgotten about the purse, so when she brought it I was really shocked but happy. I think my tfare was in the purse or so😂.

How we became best friends :

Tolu: well it just happened I don’t really think you plan all these things after the whole purse ID card thing we just started talking and got close I think it was in like Ss2 this whole best friend thing was rampant and I’m like I would love Esther to be my best friend ( we were already really close then ) and she said yes lol and yeah we’ve just been really good friends over the years and always there for each other in good and bad times she’s just a really lovely person and we get each other… I call her my twin now

Esther: And ever since then we’ve become really really close. We even wore the same outfit for our secondary school thanksgiving. We went to different universities and I was a little bit scared that we will lose contact. I remember asking her if we will still be best friends and she’s was like why not.

It’s been good tho.

We’ve been best friends for over 7 years now🥰💃.

Siggns and AJ

⁃ Siggns

I met Samuel on Twitter (#WemetonTwitter 😂), during the lockdown last year, April to be specific. We got talking with the help of a mutual friend; Emeka.

Prior to this, he always commented on my pictures with funny Aki and Pawpaw videos, but the conversation always ended on the tl. He texted Emeka saying “Tell this girl I love her and I want to spoil her”, then Emeka replied “she is available for spoiling”, and that’s how we started talking. We physically met after a month of talking.

-He asked me out sometime in June and I said yes☺️.

Our relationship so far has been beautiful. Firstly, he is funny and SMART(perfect combo), I love how we share the same values and morals, I love how we get each other, I love that we see important issues/topics from the same point of view (it reduces how much we argue or fight ). I love how understanding he is, I love that I can be my true self around him. I love that he is teachable, he’s ready to learn and unlearn, I love how supportive he is, how thoughtful he is, how caring he is. I love that he keeps to his words because he truly has been spoiling me 😂😂.

Finally, I love how peaceful the relationship is, I’ve known Toxic in all my past relationships but this one brings me so much peace, and I pray it remains that way☺️🥂


Hmm so talking about how I met the love of my life.

We had been following each other on Twitter for a bit and I had been admiring her from a thousand TLs away.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make a move cos it did seem like she had a man at first but I used to like her pictures and all of that.

So funny enough, before I met her I knew that I was lost in the sauceeeee so then I texted her early April.

And when I started talking to her, everything was a vibe and she was indeed very special.

It was during the lockdown so we saw almost every weekend that we could and I enjoyed her company so much and sadly I think that time was faster when I was with her for some crazy reason.

We got to enjoy time with each other so much and I decided to take her off the streets late June.

Funny story is that we were together one Sunday night and I planned to ask her to be my girlfriend that afternoon but I was shy as fuck. Time went and soon it was night and I was still shy, I feel like she knew something was up but she couldn’t place it.

That night I then asked her to be my girlfriend over text and she said yes, lol I’d stop there.

And for how it’s going:

Days have turned into weeks and weeks into months but I have the most amazing woman in my corner and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

I’ve experienced Love in such a unique way and it’s literally the best feeling.

I love her so much and I think she has jazzed me and I look forward to doing life and experiencing the world with her.

Molayo and Eyilayo

– Molayo

How we met

I met Eyilayo at Maverick College. The year was 2014 and I was a transfer student. That morning she came up to say hello, I don’t remember the details of the things we said but I remember her saying something like I was cute or fine or something.

You know that feeling when something as little as a random comment from someone makes your day? Yeah, that was how it was. I think Eyilayo is one of the most beautiful names to exist, by the way, such names should be sanctified and thus should not be allowed to be too common (How many Eyilayo’s do you know sef?)

Back to the story, we became good friends after that and I think we got closer when I got into the boarding house.

How it’s going

It’s been years after secondary school and I’d say we are not as tight as before but she’s still the kind of person I can hit up once in a while and everything is still good.

Nobody says “Ah you’ve forgotten me” because we both know we can’t forget each other.

Here’s to more years knowing you Eyi 🥂.

– Eyilayo

I met Molayo September 2014, our last year in secondary school. she was a transfer student I don’t think we spoke the very first 2 days but I remember the first day I saw her, we had early morning class and she was taking notes.

We eventually got talking on the 3rd day I guess, I’m not so sure, my seatmate wanted to be seatmates with Molayo’s seatmate cause they were friends, so when they are sitting with each other, Molayo would sit down with me.

One of the first things I told her was how much I loved her name, and I had not heard it before and her face is a 10/10

Fast forward to 2weeks after, we had a test and Molayo had the highest in the class, I remember how angry our English teacher was cause “the new girl” did better than us 😂😂😂 “we should be ashamed of ourselves” in her words.

We became a lot more closer, we spoke about literally everything and I remember being so happy that she got transferred it felt like I had known her since forever.

My secondary school experience was not the best I couldn’t wait for Ss3 to come and be over with, Molayo came and made the last year, months, weeks, days worth it for me.

The best part of it was she became a boarder, even after I told her the our boarding house wasn’t the best she still came ,coincidentally we were roommates 😂 I got to see her and literally everyday/time

One of the highlights and the best experience of Secondary school for me.

We took a lot of pictures too, Molayo had this phone I loved taking pictures with, most of the pictures are on my Facebook, quite hilarious but I’m glad we have those memories to hold on to, I’m looking forward to the ones we are going to make together.

We don’t see as often because of different schools and life does has a way of doing things, which is okay.

Our friendship is going good, the support and love from Molayo has been awesome, if anything has changed it has been for the better, there’s been growth.

I love how I can randomly hit her up when I’m at her school and she’s always available, then random gifts and surprises she sends to me, the dates we have too, I always try to match the energy but Molayo raises the bar every time.

Thank you for an amazing friendship Mo, to best year’s ahead 🥂✨

Michelle and Carter

– Michelle

How we met: Funny enough we met on WhatsApp. I was looking for new friends so I told one of my guys, then carter messaged me and at first, we didn’t click because Carter had one proud attitude and I’m not the one for that, But then eventually we became best friends and we spoke to each other literally almost every day for like a year. He later came to Ibadan(where I am) last year to do his IT and we saw eventually after I slied him like 10 times lol. When we saw we just clicked, it felt surreal and I think then we just knew. A few days later he asked me out and I said yes.

How it’s going: All I can say is I am enjoying this thing called love. it was one of the best decisions I made in 2020. It’s the first healthy relationship I’ve ever been in. He is literally my best friend and lover in one person. Despite all my trauma and wrong notions about relationships, this one is my safe haven. He is the ying to my yang. 

– Carter

So uhm I really haven’t figured out the best way to write this but then sha, I’ll just freestyle 😅

So I met Michelle the love of my life on WhatsApp, I know y’all might have expected something more romantic but it was unique.

When I started talking to this woman, I realized that there was something special about her, I was eager to find out what intrigued me. We had really great conversations that transitioned from a few minutes into hours long.

I finally met someone who understood my ideology about things and I enjoyed her company.

We fast became best friends and that lasted over a year plus till we finally decided to take things a step further.

Now how’s it’s going:

To be honest, this is the most amazing experience for me.

I had some prior misgivings about love but now I’ve discovered that everything is unfounded.

Love has never been so easy and even though we have our differences, it’s just so amazing that I’ve got a partner I can always talk about things to and we figure it out together.

I really look forward to growing and flourishing with my baby❤️. Nothing beats having your best friend and lover in one person💗.

The moral lesson, go out there and shoot that shot! 😂

Tari and Promise

– Tari

Our love isn’t the usual love story- not love at first sight(at least not on his part).

 Well, I met Promise in a very casual setting, I mean I was at home when he came to visit (he’s my brother’s friend), I heard that one of my brother’s friend was coming over but I didn’t know he was this cuuuuuuuute😋. I noticed his pink lips first,👄 then his height, oh Lord (I love tall guys) *OMO*. I had a crush on him the instant I saw him. We spoke a little over and over again as he continued visiting. Long story short, I shot my shot,🏹 imposed my phone number on him 📱🔫 and we continued conversations online. He invited me over and cooked a delicious meal🤤 (I was shocked because I didn’t expect a fine boy to be able to cook this well). We argued how 9ja girls don’t take guys out on a date and I took him out on our first date😛. Our friendship keeps blossoming slowly and steadily

and it gets beautiful by the day💐, every day his heart seems to grow bigger ❤️ and I love him even more. I’m so glad it turned out to be better than what I ever dreamt of. He has been my best friend👫🏼, photographer📸, confidant, my backbone, support, my gossip mate, my joy, hypeman, d smartest man I know, my bank💷💶 (very important), I’m lost for words because this feels like a fairy tale.

 I didn’t know what real love was until he came into my life. We’re not the perfect couple (especially me with my strong head) but it’s his humility, understanding and forgiveness that’s kept us this far🙏🏼. Eyilayoo😘, if I begin to tell you how happy and blessed I am, I won’t stop writing. If you read this LOML, you know I adore you, I respect you, I love you and I’d shoot my shot a million times over if it meant you’ll catch it. I don’t know if we’ll spend the rest of our lives together but I’m sure I’ll love you with all my heart for as long as I can❤️.

– Promise

I had just finished my final year clearance and I got a call from my friends Nicholas dad that they needed me to bring a can of palm wine from Benin to Abuja.

On getting to the house, after all the pleasantries. I went to my friend’s room for gist updates. When I was told his cousin was at home. I was like let me observe the babe and see.

On seeing her I was like ok she is not bad. Then when she got up from the bed I saw a full beautiful woman.

Being my friend’s cousin I wasn’t initially interested. We had a game with my friend on who could win her heart and I won.

Well, I wasn’t even concerned about her number. Subsequently, I came over to the house and we had a cool discussion and a very enjoyable one. She spoke really smartly. at the end of the conversation, it ended in an argument on who could cook better.

That led me to invite her over to my house. I prepared the best jollof rice she has eaten in her life. We had more nice conversations and found out that we shared the same ideas.

Well, she went ahead and kept shooting her shot. She went ahead to ask me on a date. I was like “I no get money” but she offered to pay for all d bills. We went out and she gave me the most beautiful date I had ever gone on.

It was really beautiful. I had so much fun than I could ever imagine.

After the date, she stressed me to go get her glasses frame. Due to how beautiful she made my day, I ran faster dan a queens errand boy.

I went on to ask my friend whatsup about his cousin and he gave me beautiful reports. (most of which I am still enjoying)

We became really closely attracted to each other. And I took her on a walk one day and was like. “I want to officially make u my girlfriend”. She shut me up and saying I should behave. So we went with the flow and ever since the journey has been nothing but beautiful.

We do have our ups and downs. But with each passing day, we learn how to grow and make sure we learn from our mistakes and correct them.

In all, we do we always give each other advice. We make sure we are our sure confidant. I love her so much because she has thought me a lot. She thought me how to love freely and genuinely. She taught me to be myself. She always supports me and does things freely and happily with and for me. She’s just amazing.

A virtuous woman that I love so much.

Omoooest Omo ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day you guysssssss whichever way you’re spending it, I hope you are having fun.

My face throughout interviewing and writing this


Anyways that’s that.

Thank you for reading,

Love always



  1. Anonymous

    February 14. 2021

    Eyi this is a beautiful piece, I read it with smiles on my face, from friends to couple… I wish y’all many more years of happiness together.. Happy Valentine’s day people❤️❤️

  2. Ayo Rahji

    February 14. 2021

    Nahhh, for me, its Siggns and AJ😂😂😂

    • Eyilayomi

      March 3. 2021

      They were the cutest. 😂✨

  3. Anonymous

    February 14. 2021

    Eyilayo dear nice compilation of love stories. Interesting how two people narrate the same events.
    Always two sides to a story even a so call romantic one.

    Happy Valentine’s day dear and I Love you

    • Eyilayomi

      March 3. 2021

      Aww… very interesting
      I love you❤️
      Thank you..

  4. tolajompe

    February 14. 2021

    Me I can’t even pick a fave na awww and God when I’m shouting 🥺
    So much beautiful stories but it’s Tari and promise for me😍

    • Anonymous

      February 14. 2021

      Sooo Beautiful🥺🥺❤️
      I can’t even pick😩
      Well done babe

    • Eyilayomi

      March 3. 2021

      Sameeee here 😂

      Thank you. ❤️

  5. Anonymous

    February 14. 2021

    Beautiful love stories 😌❤️. Eyi your blogs are amazing, I’m proud of you ✨💞

    • Eyilayomi

      March 3. 2021

      Aw🥺 Thank you sooooo much❤️

  6. molayoninuoluwa

    February 14. 2021

    Omg! 😭💙

  7. Omolewa Adetola

    February 14. 2021

    Oh my, these are beautiful stories. I smiled throughout 🥰. Well done, Eyilayo.

  8. adepojuusman

    February 14. 2021

    Love lives here.

  9. Ike

    February 14. 2021

    Awnn this is so beautiful. I love love too and its really amazing. It’s the grandma and grandpa part for me😁. Too many beautiful stories.

    • Eyilayomi

      March 3. 2021

      Awww, Thank you so much and for featuring too. ❤️

  10. Oluwabusola

    February 14. 2021

    I love reading your blog because I could come back to read them anytime I want to, most times to learn a thing or two.
    It’s a beautiful feeling to see how love happens and evolves.
    Your pieces are sincerely heartwarming and I love these beautiful stories.

    Keep doing you babe.


    • Eyilayomi

      March 3. 2021

      Awww, BuBu your comments always warms my heart, thank you so much. ❤️

  11. Assumpta

    February 14. 2021

    Aww these stories are beautiful 😍😍

  12. Anonymous

    February 15. 2021

    Can we have more stories please. Amazing writeup. Loved it. Well-done

    • Eyilayomi

      March 3. 2021

      Noted. 🥺
      Thank youuuu. ✨

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