My NYSC Chronicles (Camp) 1

December 19, 2019

Remember when I said I didn’t know what was next, well life happened pretty fast for me, it was NYSC. A huge part of me knew that though. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was set up by the Nigerian Government to involve Nigerian graduates in the development of their country, in short form – Serving your Fatherland. There’s the Orientation Camp which is for 3weeks approximately 21 days then the NYSC service is for 11months.

Back Story – I wasn’t feeling so good, I got a message from my friend who told me to check my portal for my call up letter I did and lo and behold what I saw ”was confusing me”, I started laughing then shortly after the tears came, and it didn’t stop, the sickness turned to something else I started asking the ”Why me” questions. ” God I didn’t tell you where I wanted but I told you where I didn’t want and that’s exactly what you gave me,” I said anything but the North. Who did I tell that didn’t laugh at me, do I even blame the people who were laughing, the level of confidence I had, I was even a clown to myself, I was so sure I wouldn’t get the North😭 I had to tell myself ”If things aren’t going the way I want it to, it’s okay”, even though it doesn’t seem so.

Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning!!! hallelujah somebody 🙏🏾

My NYSC Camp Experience Kaduna (Black Gold)👏🏾

Kaduna is the North Centre of Nigeria🇳🇬. I have heard so much about NYSC especially the camp and there was none of it I was looking forward too. The waking up 4 am, standing for hours, saying the national anthem like 20 times in a day.

Day 1- I got there very early, I got a really good hostel, I was also able to finish my registration on time, I got my whites and Khaki, most of the sizes especially the shoes were so big, extra extra large 😂 I just exchanged with people who had similar issues. Later in the day, the commanders introduced us to bugle which they told us it’d be used to wake us up, call for food, lectures, fire alarm (in case) alawee ( the only sound I paid attention too) e.t.c

Day 2 and 3, were not so easy for me, adjusting to a new completely new environment, that was so different from my comfort zone, I didn’t know Kaduna would be so cold, where I was coming from was so hot, the cold was so unbearable, I don’t even know which is even better hot or cold weather. I had not seen any familiar face yet and I doubt if I was going to see on day 3 cause it was the last day of registration. Eventually, I did, two of them, both from my Uni.

Day 4, I was happy, I made a new friend(Jem Jem🍫),

it was just the first day we met and it was felt like we had known each since forever, she was super sweet and nice, we were in the same platoon too, (platoons are groupings of different corpers, we also compete against other platoons). There were 10 platoons ( 1- 10) I was in platoon 3 😌

Day 5, was the swearing-in ceremony

it was really nice and short, thankfully we didn’t have to stand for so long, the representatives came on time, in the evening the social activities.

Day 6,7, 8 were the same, the early morning waking up 4:30/ 5:00, was still a struggle for me, within those days, I caught a cold and I lost my voice too, hard guy like me 💀, We started Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) later too, it was lectures but it always so long, from 9 – 2, we couldn’t sleep or press our phones those 5 hours were the longest and the most tiring. We could go out of the hall to get snacks and drinks, back to the lecture after that. In the afternoon/ evening we had our physical training/drills with sports activities too.

Day 9, was a really really good day, the sun was out, my platoon had our Man o war drilling and I did things I didn’t I think I could dowe also started the practical aspect of SAED, different entrepreneurial professions, Soap Making, Fashion Designing, Bead Making, Catering, Installation of Cctv, Making of Perfumes, Makeup, Making of Wigs, Making of Shoes… and then there was Photography which of course I chose without thinking twice,

I was really excited cause I have always wanted to learn it.

Day 10, I still had not gotten used to the cold🥶I forgot to mention, I was marching but on this day my platoon commander dismissed me from matching apparently I wasn’t doing it the right way😂 I was extremely happy cause I wasn’t even interested in the first place, within an hour he called me back🤣💀I didn’t want that, without hesitation I obviously had to go back😂 Social night was on this day different, platoons had the Big Bold and Beautiful contest my platoon was the first runner up 💃🏿we closed pretty late, 10 pm is the usual time for lights out but it was extended to 11:20, I literally slept, woke up and slept again throughout the all whole program.

The second part – My NYSC Chronicles (Camp) 2


  1. oluwaferanmi

    January 4. 2020

    Lol.. waking up by 4am and you’re complaining 😂😂😂.. they should have put lights out at 1am and woken you up by 3am…

    When it’s time for me to serve they’d have scrapped it sha…

    Glad you’re back tho

  2. Eyilayomi

    January 4. 2020

    They are not scraping anything 😂
    I can’t wait for you to tell me about your own experience and for me to laugh 🤣
    Serve your fatherland dear 🇳🇬

  3. OG Ademidun

    January 30. 2020

    Small cold. How will I take you to Canada now?

    • Eyilayomi

      February 1. 2020

      😂😂😂😂 Canada 🇨🇦 we move 🥳

  4. Eke Van Victor

    February 1. 2020

    I can relate with every single word you wrote. It just feels like the camp thingy has the same feeling nationwide.

    I wish I could put all my experiences into words like this too 😌😌

    • Eyilayomi

      February 1. 2020

      aaayyyy yeah I think it’s always the same for everyone, you do it however way you like ✨✨

  5. Mosh

    April 22. 2020

    You judge a book by its cover but later enjoyed that same book. You see the north side isn’t that bad 😂 and so money catches your attention ? 🤔

    • Eyilayomi

      April 22. 2020

      😂😂😂😂 Yes I did, it is really not 🤣 I know for a fact that’s everyone.
      Thank youu✨

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