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The joy in the little things.

Eyilayomi - January 9, 2020 - 39 comments

I haven’t written since the last decade haha!

I promise to be all shades of consistent this year.

Happy 2020!

It is going to be Twenty Plenty. Nothing but joy, Good Vibes, Good Energies, Connections, Opportunities, Intentional Friendships, And Relationships too. Cheers To That 🥂 And A Whole Lot More Awesome Stuff.

As good as my 2019 was getting, it didn’t end the way I’d have wanted it to, the most important person in my life got really sick, it made me really sad seeing her in such pain, knowing I couldn’t do anything to take it away. My whole life flashed in front of my eyes, nothing else mattered, all I just wanted was for her to get better. I was just coming back from my orientation Camp I had already made so many plans with my friends, coming back and seeing that, I had to cancel the plans, telling them about canceling just felt like I was making excuses, there was no time to explain cause I wasn’t myself most of that period. We got her the required treatment and she’s a lot better now which I’m so grateful to God for.

With everything that happened, it dawned on me how things happen unexpectedly in life, the little things I took for granted. Bad things don’t have to happen to appreciate the things in life, there is joy everywhere especially in the little things.

I hope you see things that take your breathe away, things that make you feel like you have never left before, I hope you travel to places you have always wanted to explore. I hope you believe that you have a purpose, that you’re a good person that deserves beautiful things and rich moment in life -RainbowSalt

I hope Twenty Twenty and this decade we are in will be beyond amazing for you✨

Eyilayo 🍫✨

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  1. Tobi Ogunrinde

    2020 will definitely be great💫💫

  2. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾
    I really want it to be and I pray it is. 🙏🏾

  3. Koreey

    I couldn’t find the like button so amma drop my heart here ❤

  4. Ikeoluwa Olaore

    2020 is gonna be an awesome year ♥️♥️♥️💥🍫🍫

  5. Ayo Rahji


  6. Oladunni


  7. Amaka

    It’s going to be a great year 🥰

  8. Bl

    Being appreciative is a very unique quality, it makes you a better person in virtually anything. Great stuff Eyi!💫💫💚

  9. Anonymous

    It’s going to be lit, you know

  10. Tumss

    Can’t wait to see all the amazing things this year has to offer 💖


    2020 promises to be all shades of awesomeness, you’ll see!
    You Deserve it.

  12. Cheers to a new decade babe. Can’t wait to explore amazing places too 💛

  13. Cheers 🥂✨💛💛

  14. Tochukwu

    It’ll definitely be better. To better days and better people 🍷

  15. Mental❤

    Nice piece 😘
    I love😍 the consistency spirit, keep up the good work baby 😊 😊 😊.
    2020 is going to be a big year for all of us. Amen.

  16. gbada

    2020 started on a note you didn’t like but it will end in praise. It’s a new beginning indeed and it promises all shades of awesomeness. 🍾🍻🍾🍹here’s to consistency,loving yourself more, love, joy, cheer and Grace. You’ve got what it takes love. Keep soaring… I enjoy your posts.I am really glad you took the bold step. i am your biggest fan.❤

    • I love you and I appreciate you whole lot
      Thank you for all the love and support
      Cheers to that and more 🥂
      Amennnn 🙏🏾
      I’m looking to all the amazing things we get to experience together, God’s Grace🙏🏾
      I love you again and I’m so thankful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. This 2020 is not taking it easy on us oh. What are we going to do?

  18. Wani.

    This is very nice b.

  19. Usman Adepoju

    I believe that I have a purpose 🙂🙂

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