December 27, 2019

The most productive year so far for me and also a very “clowny” year

but you see, what we are going to do is to ignore the clown aspect and focus on the productive year so shall we? 😁

As at March, I had already cancelled the whole year, cause I felt I had already failed myself. I continued doing the regular activities but I wasn’t doing it with effort or energy, I was already so tired.

The major disappointment I had this year, brought me a blessing I’m so grateful for, my blog, I didn’t know how to talk about my problems so I decided to write about them, looking back and reading those blog post, I’m grateful to God for strength and for growth.

I don’t know how you wanted the year to be, you should give yourself some credit, celebrate the little wins, don’t worry bigger wins are coming your way and I’ll be here for it. 🥂

I also learnt within these past months that the people you surround yourself with matter. One of the biggest issues I had/ have is self-doubt and lack of confidence in myself, I’m working on it and I’m trying not to overthink issues. I have opened my blog since August 2017 but I didn’t start using it until July 2019, it took so long because I was discouraged.

You see, some people have this awesome energy

they love, encourage you and they make you feel like you can do almost everything, they are literally my favourite kind of people in this world and it’s true, there’s nothing you can’t do as long as you put your mind to it.

Then there are the other set of people, the pessimists, I don’t even think they know they are like that. They’ll give you 101 reasons why what you want to do won’t work out.

“Take people for who they are not who you’d want them to be”

So know who you’re surrounding yourself with.

2019 is coming to an end and I’m so grateful for how the year has been, it’s not only the end of the year but also the end of a decade I’m really hoping to see what the next year and the next decade brings.

I remember when 2020 felt like a million years time and now it’s just 4 days to it. Regardless of how the year or the last decade has been for you, I want you to be proud of yourself don’t focus on the negative but on the positive, be patient with yourself and remember that big things are achieved, not all at once but one day at a time.

A Reminder of the strength you may not have realized you had. The mere fact that you’re here today is a proof that all the things that happened to you or around you are experiences you made it through even when it doesn’t feel like it. So hold on with hope, trust that the future can be beautiful despite all you may not know. – MHN

You’re deserving and you’re worthy of everything good, I pray with all my heart that 2020 and even the next decade will be amazing, I pray it’ll be filled with adventures, traveling and exploring, I pray it will be filled with joy, blessings in abundance and most of all love, I pray the days and the years will only get better.

Happy New Year in Advance.

Thank you for being part of my journey looking forward to many more fun, funny and joyful experiences to come.

Eyilayo 🍫✨


  1. Tobi Ogunrinde

    January 2. 2020

    I am your biggest fan😭❤
    Really pray i have this awesome energy.

    • Eyilayomi

      January 2. 2020

      I love youu❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. LagVibe

    January 7. 2020

    i am your biggest fan

    • Eyilayomi

      January 7. 2020


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